Debut tape from the maddest man alive, Jessifer, Son of Lucifer

Transparent purple cassette with exclusive B-side acoustic demos

5 page fold-out featuring poetry, backstory, images & single artworks

Includes full digital download & private stream of side B



A tribute to the god of ritual madness, Dionysus, these cassette recordings act as an introduction to the music of Jessifer. The electric demos of side A, are available to stream everywhere with audio visualisers accessible here. Each track was sequentially released to coincide with each month's full moon.

Side B's acoustic demos are exclusive to the physical release, digitally available with the purchase of the cassette or any other Jessifer merch. Recorded directly to tape in one take on the hottest day London saw this year, these stripped back versions offer a raw and authentic voicing of the songs, complete with rolling thunder and rain contributed by North London's sky. Howlin' at the Moon was recorded separately, in the midst of an intense trip, featuring the banjo of Simeon and harmonica played by Olly Frostie.

All songs produced by Olly Frostie, recorded at Hope Villa Studios in London.